Air ASEPTICIZER (1600-2200- 2600-3100- 6500-10000 m3/h )

ASEPTICIZER; is a high level microbiological protection and contamination reduction device. It controls pressure (P/N), humidity, temperature and particule level of the environment stand alone.

Air ASEPTICIZER, provides 99,5% Particular and 99,5% Biological decontamination after 1 hour of operation.

Usage Areas: Surgery rooms, Intensive care rooms, Operation Rooms, Sickrooms(tuberculosis, sars, rabies microbe..) , Laboratories, Production facilities (food, medicine, medical equipment )...etc.


  • The device is used for controlling of pressure- temperature- humidity of environment. 
    It has 5 different working mod which are 3 positive pressure, 1 negative pressure and 1 automatic working mod.
  • Device is provided to POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Pressure and it has Contamination system
  • It has air speed compensation system which is adjusted automatically depending on the obstruction of the filter.
  • Main filter is HEPA H14 ( for greater particles than 0.3mikron have the characteristic of capture at the rate of 99,9998% )
  • by the Pre and waste filter cleans the air taken (Eu4, Eu9, H13, G4)
  • The device has DOP test output and it provides to filter security by nonpermeable HEPA Plenium Box  
    It has UVC 254 nm germicidal lamp
  • By the Module technology (negatice ions and effect of atmospheric plasma), it provides to disinfection of filtered air .
  • Colored, touchscreen graphic displayed control panel (Different languages support on screen touch)
  • Fully automatic control system with sensors, sensitive to changes in precision.
  • Noise magnitude of the system is 55Db on Max.power.
  • Fast implementation of Asepticizer system without requiring constructions and channel systems provides great advantages and economic solutions.
  • It has different model for different capacity and usage areas which are wall, ceiling and corner modules. .
  • It controls all parameters of the environment independently of each other.




Air ASEPTICIZER is best fit for Wall, Ceiling and Corners thanks to its unique design, and occupies less space. All models operate without needing large spaces and special requirements.  

It makes the sterilization t 40-60m2 with min. 2500m3/h air change rate and larger areas (h:3m) (please look model group)

Air Asepticizer produced with corrosion resistant steel and coated with ESC epoxy paint.  

The device has two different type which are climated and non climated . For climated device heating and Cooling capacity is started to min.30000 BTU .

It s supply to heating between to 16-30 C .

It makes heating, cooling and humidifying operations.

MODULE: The device consists of a complete air sterilization unit and negative ion generator, which also can operate stand-alone, and with this integration, forms an Atmospheric Plasma (patogen ionisator). Negative ion generator contains Titanium dioxyde (TiO2), Silver iodide (Agl), Borosilicate, Cylindirical torose glass tube coated with copper suphate (CuS) and HV unit (5KV).

Bacterium, virus, fungus, spore and ethylene agents in the environment are destroyed with ultraviolet (UV 254nm) light and bio-active hydroxil radicals mixture. An another light source (400-700nm) in this air sterilization unit ionizes unwanted radicals. 

Module particularly annihilates corrosive gases (C2H4) spread to the environment. It decomposes ethylene based corrosive gases, narcosis gases and particles to hydroxils (-OH), terminates microorganisms by spoiling their DNA formations, and makes particles exhausted by making them highly interceptable with negative ions. 

Fresh Air Entrange: Device is connected to outer athmosphere with a hermetic chimney. System can take fresh air in the range of 10%-100% from the outside unit. When used, this feature provides 20 Pa possitive pressure. Inner Unit weight is 144 kg