Specially designed for large business environments requiring maximum environmental hygiene.


The product is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, welded and treated for use in environments where you prepare food. The model has sealed bulb, cable and rubber plug with cable watertight seal between the body and lid, to make it absolutely impermeable to water, dust or vapor. MO-Stick is a trap that allows monitoring of the captured insects and can also be used in environments where processes create an atmosphere slightly flammable, such as factories and wineries. Extremely easy to clean, just a jet of water and replace the sticky cards. The clean, elegant design makes it a decorative object, silent and discreet insect that hides the view. MO-Stick can be hung from the ceiling by chains 2 practices, wall-mounted or simply placed.


The powerful lights mounted on 2 sealed bulb of 40 W UV-A, have a sheath to protect against crushing of the tubing in case of broken glass they do not disperse in the environment while gases do not come out of the lamp . The sheath is perfectly transparent to UV-A.


The model is approved by IMQ in class IP65 and CE compliant.