The model is fitted with a special lamp "wood" black light: These are special lamps that emit UV-A ultraviolet beam to a harmless low brightness. They are therefore particularly suitable for night use, for dark environments, and for anyone who wants to rest without any problems, or insect or light sources. Thanks to its easy handling and small footprint is also suitable for campers and caravans.


Lightweight and compact, the model is self-extinguishing engineering polymer and Anti-UV. Cleaning is quick and easy, thanks to the special drawer completely removable. Lamp and electrified grid are equipped with the patented cleaning system MO-EL (which allows a thorough cleaning without dismantling or use of brushes). The lamps have to be replaced every year.


The UV-A "WOOD" is high quality, has a power of 6 W and action area of 65 m2.


Approved by IMQ, the model complies with CE regulations, class II.


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