Its action is particularly popular in rural areas and farms.
In these environments, the use of chemical insecticides, pesticides, or devices that release gaseous substances may be harmful to crops or animal health. Turbines, by contrast, uses the appeal of its action against insects flying lamps. These, arrived near the front window, is then sucked by the action of the fan driven by an electric motor, to be finally conveyed to the bottom of the zone, which can not escape. The outer structure, the fan, the box for housing electrical components are made of metal, ensuring the robustness of the device.


Electro insecticide Turbine has a degree of protection IPX4, according to law for outdoor use. Wall mounting plugs. To permit a reduced frequency of disposal operations in the captured insects, the bag collection network has a payload capacity of 25 liters.


Turbine unit is a safe, no risk of flammability. It produces no smoke, radiation, electromagnetic waves that may disturb the animals. Do not use chemical attractants that require replacement.